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Enhance OpenMRS Atlas marker to store Distro information



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      We would like to enhance the OpenMRS Atlas so that it can show "Distro" information for a marker. This will help people in understanding which locations are running which distro.

      1) For this, we will need to maintain a list of Distros in OpenMRS Atlas, so that people can choose one from that list.
      2) If people want, they can choose to not specify any Distro. This information is optional.
      3) There will also be an option called "Other", which will allow users to specify their own free text string, if they don't see their option in the pre-existing list.
      4) On editing an existing marker with distro name as "Other" , name of the distro will be shown in an optional free text input field.
      5) In info bubble (which we get after single click on any marker) distro name will be shown if name was provided even in case of "Other". If distro name was not provided, Distro will be omitted from the bubble.
      6) Also, the dropdown list will always remain static, and the values being entered in free text strings for "Other" will not automatically be added as dropdown options.
      7) We want the ability to add more items to a dropdown via a simple SQL insert statement, so that in future more options can be easily added by OpenMRS Team.
      8) Migrations will need to be written for DB changes.
      9) The above feature will ONLY be supported in the Atlas Server UI, and hence can be entered / viewed from the Atlas UI. The Atlas module that emits data will not be enhanced as part of this JIRA request. Also, we need to ensure, that if a user has specified a distro in the UI, then the module sync data should not "erase" the Distro information on Atlas server.

      Out of scope:
      Separate JIRA feature request will be opened for enhancing the "View" option, so that with a single click, across the map, one can see which locations use which distro.

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