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Attachments to become headless



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      1. Background

      Attachments is being relied upon by O3 for its REST and Java API, however there is no need anymore for the whole 2.x Angular + GSP based UI that it bundles and provides.
      Furthermore this UI makes Attachments 2.x require a bunch of backend modules that the O3 distro does not and will not provide:

      • UIFR
      • App UI
      • EMR API
      • ...
      2. Proposed Solution

      As of Attachments 3.0.0 no more 2.x UI will be provided and the module becomes "headless", just providing its current REST and Java API. This headless state will be a staging state until the module can be dismantled and its pieces dispatched across Core and REST WS or FHIR2. This ultimate piece of work can be done later and should be tracked through other tickets.

      Backward compatibility: We will maintain a 2.x branch for the 2.x-compatible version.

      3. Developer Notes

      The more complicated part of this work will be to refactor AttachmentsContext that relies on EMR API through extending EMR API's ModuleProperties, some analysis work will be needed to understand the best way forward.

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