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      Currently the CSM mainly searches observations. However, individual observations or obsgroups are often not useful without the context of seeing how they were entered, which is usually via forms (either html or xforms).

      When searching, forms should appear in the search results and when selected immediately (without long waiting times) render as-entered in the right panel of the CSM. If this area is too small to display them effectively then perhaps a popup would be a good choice.

      The user experience needs to be thought through a bit before work starts. Let's say for example we have a pregnancy check-up form that contains "hematocrit" as one of the observations. If the user searches hematocrit then the prgenancy check form should be in the search results (based on the observation it is associated with). I think that hematocrit as a single observation should also appear in search results such that it can be clicked on and see history for this value (as happens currently).

      Some questions:

      • Should observations contained within a form being displayed in CSM be clickable in some way to take the user to a history/graph of that value?
      • Should a form be highlighted in some way to indicate why it's being displayed? In the example above would Hematocrit be highlighted in yellow so that the user could quickly scan the form and see why that particular form was returned as a search result?

      Some work has already been done to index forms (CSM-32) not sure where it stands now or whether any of that is being passed through to the controller or view.




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