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      Ticket CSM-21 was written (perhaps prematurely) to add a category filter with the idea being that clinicians will commonly want to filter on a predefined number of "categories."

      The problem is how CSM should categorize everything that is found in a search such that when the user clicks a particular filter only those items appear. Going case-by-case:

      • Diagnoses
        • This is probably a single concept (what is the patient's diagnosis) with a coded answer.
        • This might also include items from the patient's problem list?
      • Labs
        • This could be many different concepts or concept sets. They may be numerical, coded, boolean, or text.
        • It may be that some lab results need to be displayed as a Form
        • Which concepts are included in this filter would need to be defined by each implementation and it's probably not practical to use concept class to do this.
      • Meds
      • Orders
      • Reports / Notes
        • These are probably forms containing text and possibly also coded information
      • Vitals
        • A predefined number of concepts / concept sets.
      • Other

      It is possible that more categories will need to be defined. I think there should be an admin page where categories are defined then all the members of those categories are added. For example:

      Labs =

      { all observations of concept x, all observations groups of concept set y, all forms of ID z, text search for the term "ABC" }

      There are significant similarities to the current synonym feature which only allows creating synonyms of text strings at this time. Perhaps it should be expanded to include concepts, forms, orders, then particular synonyms may be flagged as "categories" (CSM-26) which will appear on the category filter in the UI.




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