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Software Quality Assurance: Find and report 2 bugs/issues of the ID Dashboard version 2.1



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      Last year during Google Code-In and over the this past Summer plypy worked on the feature set for ID Dashboard version 2.1.

      We'd like some QA done on it. We have deployed it to the staging server and your task is to make screenshots and annotate UI bugs, and write a final report in the form of a PDF or open source document format (Open Office is preferred) of all the bugs you found. Don't report them without first checking with a mentor. The reason for this is that we don't want low-quality bug reports. Bug Reports should be done on ID Dashboard Project, and NOT here under the GCI Project. Include links to all bug reports in your report. Your report must be detailed, give detailed reproduction steps, as well as screenshots of any user interface bugs found.

      _Duplicate issues are not allowed. Please search for the issue before reporting it. Always check with a mentor before reporting bugs on this task.

      Questions? Look for robbyoconnor/r0bby on #openmrs-gci or robbyoconnor on Telegram._ The other mentors may not be able to help you on this task. I will be unavailable from Dec 8-15 with scattered availability due to being at OMRS15, but will check regularly and am monitoring Telegram/IRC.

      NOTE: If you have an OpenMRS ID account on http://id.openmrs.org/ Since 12 August 2015, you also MAY have one in our staging database, as it is a snapshot of the production database – if your account exists but you forgot the password, please request a Password Reset page. Otherwise, please create one. If you forgot your password, let us know.

      Please report all bugs you find in your report, DO NOT email helpdesk@openmrs.org.

      Thank you for being awesome and undertaking this task! We appreciate it your efforts!

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