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Create an Informational Video on OpenMRS Software Products



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      OpenMRS as a software product started as a single customizable open source medical record system. Today though it continues to be a customizable open source medical record system, it is split into two software products - OpenMRS Platform and OpenMRS Reference Application.

      This is mainly because of it's users and to allow more flexibility to customize OpenMRS to their needs.

      Your task is to research and create an informational video that contains the following: (There is no particular order for these questions to be answered in the video)

      1. Explains what is OpenMRS?
      2. What are the two OpenMRS Products?Why OpenMRS has two products? What is the difference between them?
      3. Who can use OpenMRS Platform? Who can use OpenMRS Reference Application?
      4. Who is an OpenMRS implementer ? what is an OpenMRS implementation?
      5. What is an OpenMRS Distribution?

      This will help people not familiar to OpenMRS understand what products OpenMRS develops and why?

      Note: This task will require understanding about what OpenMRS is all about, go through a lot of wiki pages, search and ask questions. I recommend you to prepare for this task and gather information throughout the GCI period. And after you feel you have gathered sufficient information to answer the questions create the video.

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