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[Survey] Fill up this getting started as a developer survey



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      We are looking for ways to reach out to new developers and help them get a crystal clear view on how they could contribute to the community. The aim of this survey is to learn how to make relevant information more accessible to developers looking to get started with OpenMRS and/or help them find high priority issues to work on.

      The task is to go through all the material available on Google/ OpenMRS Wiki/Talk on "Getting started as a developer" i.e replicate the process of how someone new to OpenMRS would start looking for ways to contribute and then answer these questions below in the most detailed way possible.

      Please write your answers in a comment here and link to it on the task. It must be your own words, DO NOT copy each other.

      1) Was it difficult to find high priority tickets to work on? If so, could you share the problems faced and what could have made the process easier?

      2) Was the information in the tickets (Issue description/ comments) + Wiki enough to understand an issue and get started? Was this information easily accessible?

      3) What was the best source of information for finding hot community issues (HelpDesk, JIRA, Talk, Wiki, IRC, Twitter). Do you think it is an effective source for developers looking for places to contribute to?

      4) Was the information available to you via Wiki, JIRA issues to the point and relevant?

      5) Any other recommendations or changes you feel are necessary that would help make information more accessible to developers looking for ways to contribute to OpenMRS?.

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