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Problem with the ordering of obsgroups with similar schemas


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: TBD
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: HTML Form Entry 1.10.0
    • Fix Version/s: HTML Form Entry 2.0.1
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      The following is from Rajib's email to the dev list. This is an example of a repeating set of obs groups where the only thing that varies is the answerConcept of one of the obs. There was a bug with re-rendering a form like this that was addressed in HTML-216. However, we seem to not have completely fixed the issue. I believe Rajib's assertion is if one of the other obs in the obsgroups has answerConcepts, the ordering gets messed up (even if these answerConcepts are identical across all forms)

      From Rajib:

      Please refer the code below. The concept IDs are from MVP/CIEL dictionary and so you can refer maternalconceptlab to understand the Set (160604) and the related concepts within it

      <obsgroup groupingConceptId="160604" label="Left Neck Node Examination Finding" >
      <td><obs conceptId="160372" answerConceptId="


      " answerLabel="


      " style="checkbox" /></td>
      <td><obs conceptId="160373" /></td>
      <td><obs conceptId="160374" /></td>
      <td><obs conceptId="160375" /></td>
      <td><obs conceptId="160398" /></td>
      <td><obs conceptId="160378" /></td>
      <td><obs conceptId="160397" cols="60"/></td>
      <render concept="160358" effect="IA" />
      <render concept="160359" effect="IB" />
      <render concept="160361" effect="IIA" />
      <render concept="160361" effect="IIB" />
      <render concept="160364" effect="III" />
      <render concept="160366" effect="IV" />
      <render concept="160368" effect="VA" />
      <render concept="160369" effect="VB" />
      <render concept="160371" effect="VI" />

      Please use attributes only in the first obs (160372, in the example above)
      Please donot use attributes in the next obs, if possible (example 160373, 160374 etc in the example above). Certain attributes , such as "answerConceptIds", make the table (created by the the render/repeat) wrong by reording the records. If you have to use attributes please complete a thorugh testing and if found any issues please note it here.
      That means if the line <td><obs conceptId="160378" /></td> in the above example is replaced by <td><obs conceptId="160378" answerConceptIds="160376,160377" answerLabels="Fixed,Mobile"/></td>
      this will cause problem in data storage and data retrieval. Please avoid it.


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