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Exceeding limit on URL with too many answers within answerConceptSetIds



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    • HTML Form Entry 3.10.0
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      "Request header is too large" error with autocomplete using answerConceptSetIds on an htmlform.

      Users should select a diagnosis,symptom,finding from a set of diagnosis sets (HUM Diagnosis Sets). This is a ConvSet with the following members:

      HUM Pediatric diagnoses (7933)
      HUM NCD diagnoses (7935)
      HUM Outpatient diagnoses (7936)
      HUM Psychological diagnoses (7942)
      HUM Womens Health diagnoses (7957)
      HUM Emergency diagnoses (7934)
      HUM Surgery diagnosis (7820)
      HUM Oncology diagnoses (8934)
      HUM Dentistry diagnoses (8928)
      HUM Internal medicine diagnoses (8955)
      HUM Orthopedic diagnoses (9662)
      HUM Pain diagnoses (9684)
      HUM Rehab diagnoses (9685)
      HUM Dermatology diagnoses (9781)

      Each of these sets have many members.

      It appears that we are hitting a limit on a URL so that when you include too many concepts (as converted from sets to individual concepts in the URL), it throws an error and will not autocomplete anything in that autocomplete field.

      Possible solutions:

      • Change so that conceptIds within answerConceptSetIds are not shown as part of the URL?
      • Change the limit (tomcat?) so that the URL can be larger


      • Temporarily remove one set (HUM Surgery) which has LOTS of concepts which gets this working since it goes below the limit.
      • Use answerClasses with diagnosis, symptoms, findings, etc. The problem here is that there are some concepts on the system with those classes that we do not want to include ;( (Someone adding a bunch of old concepts which are not vetted and will be removed/merged in the future.)

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