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Record Patient Identifiers



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      As a healthcare provider
      I want to be able to record a new patient's identifier
      So that it can be used to search, display, and identify a patient in general


      OpenMRS allows to record Patient Identifiers to record the identity of a patient. A patient identifier is of a certain Patient Identifier Type (PIT). Examples of PITs are: ID Card, Driving License Number, Social Security Number.

      The Patient Identifier Types have format restrictions, check-digit validation, uniqueness check and location behavior .

      Identifier Sources can be attached to a given Identifier Type to support auto-generating identifiers. This is out of the scope of this ticket.

      In scope

      • manually enter the identifier
      • support required VS non-required
      • dynamically load and display all identifier types
      • support format validation (obtained from the back-end)

      Out of scope

      • support auto-generation of identifiers (Identifier sources)
      • hide some identifier types


      Acceptance Criteria

      1. Patient Identifier recorded 
        • Given I am completing the registration form,
        • When I input the patient's identifiers,
        • Then the patient's identifiers are recorded
      2. Patient identifiers flagged as "Required" are not inputted
        • Given I am completing the registration form,
        • When I do not input one of the required identifiers
        • Then I see a warning message and will not be able to proceed
      3. Patient identifiers are not of the format specified by the back-end validation
        • Given I am completing the registration form,
        • When I input a patient's identifier but with an incorrect format,
        • Then - Out Of Scope: this is not within the scope of this ticket as how to properly handle field validation has not been decided yet. (should be discussed on next design call)

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