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Active Visits widget



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      As shown in the design in the epic (MF-580), we need a widget that shows Active Visits.

      User Story: As a staff member in an outpatient clinic, I want to see who is currently in my clinic, so that I have an immediate picture of how busy we are, how long people have been waiting, and so that it's really easy for me to find and click patient names to open their chart (so that if John Wilson comes into my clinic room, I don't have to type in his full name or id number to open his chart - I can easily, quickly click on his name from the list in front of me). 

      Caveat: The OpenMRS data model doesn't really support ending a visit / there isn't really a workflow for staff to end visits. This means most patients would have an "active visit" forever! So, the widget should only show Active Visits Today (current date), i.e. visits started today. 

      Design: Follow the widget layout used for the Vitals table as in this design

      Layout/columns needed:

      Wait (mins) ID Number Name Gender Age Visit Type
      60 1236384 Alpha Alpha M 57 Facility visit
      55 5462385 Beta Beta F 75 OPD visit
      20 3452865 Charlie Charlie M 22 OPD visit 
      1 3453472 Delta Delta F 14 OPD visit 

      (Note: Both "Wait" and "Visit Type" are nice-to-haves, not need-to-haves, for the first iteration of this extension. We can start without these if they cause trouble.)

      "Wait" is calculated based on the time the visit was started.


      Acceptance Criteria:

      • The list is sorted by wait time: patients waiting the longest should be at the top, and shortest at the bottom.  
      • The list uses zebra striping (like in this Vitals widget) to help the user visually differentiate the rows.
      • At least 50 patients/rows should be visible in the list (though less if there are <50 pts); then user can use pages to move through the list after that (also similar to the Vitals widget table + pagination design).   
      • (Nice to have) The list is filterable: e.g. the user could click the names column header to sort by names alphabetically. 

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