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Make Timeline View into re-usable widget with configuration



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    • 2022 Week 10, 2022 Week 11


      The timeline view currently can only be accessed via the "overview" component of the test results page.


      This ticket is to utilize the existing work for the Timeline lab results view but instead of being driven by the "overview", to create a reusable extension of the timeline that can be given a set of concepts (of obs that are lab results) and produce the time line view.


      Example Use Case (real-world need):

      Clinicians at Ampath's HIV Clinics want to see a Timeline table with just results from the following list of tests: (This is just meant to be an inspiring example...)

      • HIV VL
      • DNA PCR
      • Antibody screening 
      • HIV rapid test
      • CD4%
      • Hb 
      • AST 
      • Cr 
      • CXR 
      • Serum Crag 
      • GeneXpert image 
      • DST image 
      • VIA or VIA/VILI 
      • Pap smear

      (Shown in a view like this: 


      Full concept will be supported by backend ticket : https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/O3-1081


      New progress:

      • Style changes to filter (indent first node, undo 0th node bold, remove border from leaves, apply disable to no data)
      • Remove tests with no data from timeline
      • Disable checkboxes in filter for tests with no data
      • "nothing checked means everything is checked"
      • Check/Uncheck test only affect displaying that test in that parent. Other parents with same test will not be affected
      • Timeline tests are grouped based on their lowest common parent
      • Maximize / Minimize Timeline Button
      • Grouped title doesn't stretch full width
      • Separate groups don't scroll horizontally together
      • Group head (datetimes) are not sticky to top of page
      • Configuration
      • Multiple /obstree requests

      Not working:

      • Modular extension - refactor out "HIV page"
      • Bumping of Panel Name in Date Header
      • Loading of Trendline
      • Include Panel Data
      • Tablet view, floating action button for filter
      • List of filters at top bar
      • Unit Tests
      • Deduplicate code

      Gliffy Diagrams


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