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Avoid implying SYNONYM is a name type



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      Currently, the Dictionary Manager UX implies that SYNONYM is just another name type, when we don't actually specify a name type for synonyms (all names are assumed to be synonyms unless specifically marked as FSN, short name, or index term).


      OpenMRS recognizes only three name types: FULLY_SPECIFIED, SHORT, and INDEX_TERM. All names that are not explicitly assigned one of these name types (name types is null) are treated as synonyms.

      In OCLOMRS-1039, MSF ran into problems when they tried importing a CSV with "SYNONYM" as the name type for synonyms. It's not surprising, since the Dictionary Manager makes it appear that the name type for synonyms is "SYNONYM".

      A simple solution is to refactor the Dictionary Manger UX so it no longer implies "SYNONYM" is a name type (perhaps even teaches people to leave name type blank for synonyms).

      Note: the default name type behavior should not change (for the first name of a new concept name the type should still default to "Fully Specified" and the default name type for any additional name should default to "(synonym)".

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