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Correctly filter out unnecessary sources and differentiate between internal and external sources



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      OCL for OpenMRS needs a way to add concept reference terms AND? connect terms with concepts.

      locales, description types, nametypes, maptypes
 shouldn't be present.

      *Minimal requirement: match the options available within OpenMRS dictionaries-mapping. Right list of conditions and source attributes should be available in the UI itself.*

      The OpenMRS Admin UI has a 2 step process for adding mapping:

      1. Add the concept_reference_term (ie. source=ICD-10-WHO + code=U07.1) 
      2. Connect the concept_reference_term with relationship to the concept using "mappings" (ie. "Infection due to COVID-19" with "NARROWER-THAN" "ICD10 U07.1").

      Do we want a way to add concept reference term?  Is this useful?  Should we allow the ability to search for existing concept_reference_term with the UI?  Or it expects free text?

      The concept_reference_term (ie. ICD10: U07.1) is not a "concept".  For that reason, I would suggest the following changes

      • the column header from "Concept" to "Reference term". 
      • Change the placeholder from "To concept code" changed to "code"
      • Change the placeholder from "To concept name" to "name" (BTW:  PIH never uses this.  Andrew Kanter Does CIEL use the name and should we include it on the OCL for OpenMRS UI?

      The same reference term could be used by many concepts, so I think it should be searchable on this page.  Not sure about adding them.  Discussion for Andrew Kanter

      • Mapping UI should only include sources relevant to OpenMRS
      • Based on the source, the majority use case is to an external CODE SYSTEM and CODE (+/- NAME), therefore the UI should allow for any text entry. Validation or lookups can be added at a later date).
      • Most internal mappings are handled elsewhere (via question/answers and sets). Selecting a known OCL source such as CIEL or PIH should replace UI with a lookup, since this internal map is actually a pointer to a concept which is being added to the collection).
      • The free-text external maps is required for MVP.

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