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As a content author, I want to retire a concept from a collection so that I have an up-to-date collection without duplicates and obsolete concepts



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      OCL for OpenMRS Sprint 32


      Unable to remove concepts from a Dictionary once added. Seems more of an UI issue as the same concept is not found against that dictionary from the backend. 

      Sometimes, the same concept has duplicates while Retiring/Unretiring the concept.


      Users can add/remove concepts from a dictionary and the same should get updated in the list of concepts screen of a dictionary immediately. However, today if a concept is removed from a dictionary it is retained on the UI, despite removing the same from backend.

      A similar issue is observed while retiring a concept, where the retired concept has a duplicate entry on the list of concepts screen (one entry struck through and other one as a regular concept)

      Steps to reproduce the issue:
      (successfully reproduced, confirmed in Incognito it is not a caching issue)

      Issue 1: Removed concept still visible on UI

      1. Login to OCL for OpenMRS
      1. Go to Dictionaries page and open any dictionary with Edit access enabled
      1. Make a note of number of concepts and go to View Concepts page
      1. Remove any concept by clicking on the actions icon
      1. Reload the screen or re-open the Concepts page to see that the concept is still visible on the UI
      1. Verify the number of concepts now which would have reduced by 1

      Expected behaviour:

      • Once a concept is removed, the line item should disappear from Concepts page.
      • Until the same concept is added again, the concept should not be visible on the concepts page.


      Issue 2: Retired concept has duplicate entries

      1. Login to OCL for OpenMRS
      1. Go to Dictionaries page and open any dictionary with Edit access enabled
      1. Go to View Concepts page
      1. Retire a custom concept
      1. Reload the screen to see that the concept is now struck through the entire row indicating that it is retired now
      1. Also note that the same concept is now having a duplicate entry (without strike through lines)

      Expected behaviour:

      • If a concept is retired, the concept entry should be struck through and no other changes are required
      • If the same concept is unretired, the strike through should be removed.



      TW Jira ticket: https://msfprojects.atlassian.net/browse/MOBN-1383 


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