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View the basic details of a source on the Source Dashboard



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      As a user
      I want to see the basic details of my source
      So that I can get high level understanding of all the information related to that source

      Acceptance Criteria:

      1. Upon clicking of View button on each source, the user should be taken to a dashboard specific to the selected Source
      1. Ribbon should display the name of the source.
        1. Format Previous Screen Name > Full Name of the Source
        1. Example 1: Your Organizations' Sources > MSF Source
        1. Example 2: Your Sources > MSF Source
      1. The Dashboard should have a section where the basic details that were captured while creating the Source should be available (refer screenshot taken from Dictionary dashboard)
      1. List of fields to be populated in the section are: Short Code, Full Name, Description, Website, Source type, Visibility, Default Locale, Supported Locale, Custom Validation Schema, External ID
      1. Above mentioned sequence to be followed while displaying the information
      1. Incase of no values for a particular field, display the empty field here

      NOTE: Take reference from the existing Dictionary details page for the components to be used.

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