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Unable to track the bulk import of concepts into a dictionary



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      Users can add a bulk of concepts into a dictionary from any source through the UI. Once the bulk import is completed, there is no message displayed to the users about completion of the action. Also it doesn't provide the details of the concepts that got imported/failed to import.

      However there's a Progress Notification page which displays the in-progress and completed activity only for a limited time (few minutes) beyond which the page becomes empty again.

      As part of this card, we need to retain the details displayed in the Progress Notification page and also display an acknowledgement message on the Bulk import screen.

      Acceptance criteria:

      • -Once a bulk import action is initiated display a message at the bottom - 'Bulk import is initiated. You can track the progress in 'Progress Notification' page. – Not valid since the user is redirected to the Progress Notifications page upon click of Add concepts button
      • Data displayed in the Progress Notification page should be retained all the time and should not be empty.
      • Maximums of 10 entries should be retained in a single session. Anything beyond should remove the oldest one.
      • Upon logout, these information should be removed. Hence the user shouldn’t see the details after they login again
      • Include the Dictionary name on each line item


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