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Import and Export Dictionaries



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    • Import and Export Dictionaries
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      Terminology users of OCL for OpenMRS need to be able to import or export dictionaries using a spreadsheet or csv format, so that they can re-use existing work more easily.

      Export example: An organization used the OCLOMRS web app to create a custom dictionary for an implementation. They want to share this work with another field office or another organization in CSV or spreadsheet format, so that organization can easily review and re-use their work, without anyone having to manually copy-paste information from the web-app. And so that I don't have to manually create a spreadsheet myself every time I want to bulk-import a list of concepts from another dictionary (as shown in this example workflow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Icn77tveQsQ&list=PL5jj7JoBifSnMTXUjiIFmYYYxjwZu5oAe&index=20&ab_channel=OpenMRS).

      See especially time stamp 1:57 to see how the user had to work-around the lack of this feature, by manually creating their own spreadsheet (I copy-pasted from the table in my first dictionary to create the spreadsheet, then copied from the spreadsheet; ideally I wouldn't have to manually create the spreadsheet myself).

      Import example: As a terminology user of OCL for OpenMRS, I want to create a dictionary that uses many concepts that I have used in another dictionary I created. I need to be able to bulk-import these concepts using a csv or spreadsheet file, so that I don't have to manually create each concept all over again (which would be easy to make mistakes).


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