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Sort Names Alphabetically by Language (so Long & Short names end up grouped together)



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      As a user of OCL for OpenMRS, when I am reviewing the Names of a Concept, I need to see the names organized in groups by language, because it is helpful if I can compare the Long vs Short names of a concept in the same language.

      (Note this ticket is not about changing the UI of the Edit/View concept interface, but rather, is about automatically sorting the list of names shown.)

      This is a problem for end users when handling a concept with many translations or many names. One example is the CIEL concept "Unknown" (OCL ID 1067). If there were more English names, which I wanted to compare against one another (e.g. quickly compare the short names to the long names), I would have to scan up and down this list, because they are not currently automatically organized to appear one after the other depending on the alphabetical language.  


      So for example, the current state might look like:


      Name Type Language
      Unknown Fully Specified English
      Ne sait pas Fully Specified French
      Not Sure Synonym English
      Desconocido Fully Specified Spanish
      Unsure Synonym English



      Desired state: Names are (1) grouped by language, (2) sorted by language alphabetically, then (3) sorted by Type (fully specified first).  (Bolding added to show they are sorted alphabetically)

      Name Type Language
      Unknown Fully Specified *E*nglish
      Not Sure Synonym *E*nglish
      Unsure Synonym *E*nglish
      Ne sait pas Fully Specified *F*rench
      Desconocido Fully Specified *S*panish



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