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General Filter: Hide Added Concepts & Add Filter option to Include Added Concepts



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      As an end user of the OCL client, when I am in the Import existing concepts --> Pick concepts workflow, I may want to be able to see which concepts I have already added to my dictionary.

      However, more often, I do not want to see the concepts I have already added from my dictionary, because I start to get confused about what I have vs haven't already added.

      Task: Implement a Include Added Concepts option in the filter menu the user sees when they are in the Import existing concepts --> Pick concepts workflow. As part of this ticket, concepts already added from the dictionary/source should be hidden/excluded by default.


      The wireframe below shows how this filter would be at the bottom of the filter options list, because this is not a common filter.


      Acceptance Criteria:

      As an end user, I should be able to see the filter option for Include Added Concepts from concept lists in the following views:

      • When reviewing options in the Pick concepts list (get there by clicking Import existing concepts --> Pick concepts)
      • I should not see already-Added Concepts by default.

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