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Implement Encounters functionalities in OWA



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      2017-01-18 OWA 2


      Currently, OpenMRS contains a legacy model for the Encounters. It should be migrated to new OWA including this following features,
      1. Add/Edit/Delete New Encounters
      2. Search Encounters

      The encounters functionality to be implemented can be found at: https://demo.openmrs.org/openmrs/admin/encounters/index.htm

      This was discussed on the 2017-08-09 Design Forum and a couple of implementers were brought into the discussion to come up with a mockup for an initial approach. The goal is to bring all patient data management into a single workflow (rather than the separate "app" per domain object in the legacy UI).

      "Data Management" OWA

      The goal is to provide a suite of tools for a Data Manager who might want to clean up a patient's data. So, don't think of this as "CRUD for visits, encounters, obs", but rather think like "As a Data Manager, I want to fix an incorrectly-recorded encounter so that I can fix the patient's medical record".

      • First screen is to search for a patient (by ID, name, etc, using existing REST methods). Selecting a patient takes them to the Manage Patient Data screen
      • Manage Patient Data screen
        • On this screen we will show a lot of info about the patient, in a dense way. Probably this is a lot of tables with one row per (thing)
        • Identifiers
          • Shows the same info as on: this page
          • On the main screen we just show the identifierType and identifier, and multiple identifiers flow to the right (eventually wrapping to another row if there are too many)
          • Each shows only identifierType and identifier
          • There is an Edit icon (could be always visible, or only appears on hover), which takes you to an Edit Patient Identifier screen
            • this other screen has a form that shows all the fields, in a simple vertical layout
          • When you click edit you see an Edit Patient Identifier screen (and this lets you edit all the fields)
            • This list/table takes up 1/3 of the screen, so that Names, etc can go next to it
          • Also have an Add Another button
          • Also have an delete button ("X"or trash can icon) next to each existing row
          • This table should also show "voided" identifiers (voided means "soft deleted"). These should show up with a strikethrough text decoration. Any voided row should have a "Restore" button which will unvoid it.
        • Names
          • do this just like Identifiers
        • Addresses
          • do this just like Identifiers
        • Demographics are another card
          • Shows Birthdate and Sex, has an Edit icon that takes you to an Edit Demographics screen
        • Next is a "Visits & Encounters" Table
          • Columns are:
            • Visit Type
            • Location
            • Dates (start date - end date)
            • Encounters
              • this will show the Encounter Type of the first 5 encounters in the visit, and have a "more..." if there are more available
          • Visit Type should be a link, and clicking on it takes you the Manage Visit screen
          • Encounter type is also a link, and clicking on it takes you to the Manage Encounter screen
          • Shows up to 20 visits, and then has a "more..." link at the end (if there are more available)

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