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Include Demo Reports with demo data



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      The Reference Application comes with integrated forms and associated metadata. It should also include some reports based on the data that can be entered. Examples of types of reports could include...

      • Number or Visits
      • Number of Patient Registrations
      • Number of Admissions/Transfers/Discharges per service area
      • Number of Visit Notes
      • List of Diagnosis's made and quantity
      • List of Providers (grouped by active/retired)
      • List of Users (grouped by active/retired)
      • List of new Patient Registrations
      • Patient Visit Report (see comment below)

      Note: Consider breaking reports down by gender and age groups with parameters of start/end dates and location as appropriate.

      The first part of this ticket would include posting to OpenMRS Talk requesting implementer feedback on types of reports that would be most helpful (limited to the Ref App metadata) and requesting report samples.

      The second part would be creating the reports or making the implementer provided reports generic and removing report items that can't be backed by standard Ref App metadata.

      The third part would be to include the report metadata in the Ref App metadata.

      Finally, add them in the Reporting UI jason configuration so they appear where users can run them.

      Note: This was suggested during the 2016 Implementers Conference. https://notes.openmrs.org/omrs16-reporting-performance

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