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Patient Lookup widget should show recently-accessed patients



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      User Story

      As a User, I should be able to see the list of patients who were recently accessed.

      Story Background

      This ticket is part of redesigning the new UI for patient lookup widget.


      Out of Scope

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      Acceptance Criteria

      _. No. _. Given _. When _. Then _. Comments _. Status
      1 I am logged in I am on the homepage with different widgets I click on the 'Patient Lookup' widget - -
      2 I am on the 'Patient Lookup' screen I see a search bar to enter first and last name of a patient or the patient ID I should immediately see the last 10 (admin configurable number) patients that were accessed by me (even if I have logged out and logged back in since then) - -
      3 I am on the 'Patient Lookup' screen I enter the first and last name or the patient ID of the patient I should see a list of matched patients as I type, with a label 'recent' next to recently accessed patients (The order of results does not need to be affected by the "Recent" label, but can be based on whatever the search API returns.) - -

      Dev Notes/Tasks

      • Introduce a mechanism (maybe an event, maybe just an API call) so an application page can say that a patient was accessed by a user. This should store this in a user_property, possibly dropping the oldest one in the list if we're at capacity.
      • The DEPD and the CFPD need to call the API mechanism from the prior bullet point to indicate that a patient has been accessed in the application.
        • TODO: decide whether other pages (e.g. capture vitals) should also mark a patient as accessed, and whether we can handle this generically at the application level.
      • Eventually, but not on this ticket we may want to be able to swap out "recently-accessed" with some other criteria for the initial patients to show.

      Test Scenarios

      _. # _. Given _. When _. Then _. Passed _. Failed _. In Progress
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