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      As a caregiver, I want to look up a drug in the CIEL dictionary and add it as an allergen, so that I can add a drug allergy for a patient that is not on the preset list

      Acceptance Criteria

      UI behaviour (see example of drug look.jog mockup attached)

      • "Other" selection for drug allergens will be drug lookup. The textbox needs to always be there
      • Druglook is selected if the user selects the radio button or if they enter in text to the text field
      • The user will enter in letters/names in the textfield for drug lookup
      • Search starts after 3 characters and updates instantly as the user types more into the field (behave same as diagnose and concept search currently used)
      • The result name shown will be the concept name from the CIEL dictionary where the search term matched or the concept name where the search term matched one of its synonyms in the following format: Concept preferred name (synonym)
      • User can also select and save the typed term without associated it to an entry from the CIEL dictionary (ie how other works currently) - this should be included in the result list for the user to select

      Search parameters

      • Search only within the "Drug" class in CIEL dictionary
      • Search only the concept names and synonyms of the concept to match what was typed (The termed search for may match a concept name or a synonym of a concept)
      • Show only perfect matches

      Adding/Saving the allergy

      • The user then clicks on one of the results listed - when they save that allergy - the allergy will with the selected result as the allergen
      • Save is disable until user selects something from list
      • A user can select a result term and then select another allergen from the preset list - in which case we won't remember the searched term or selected result from the drug lookup
      • Once selected and saved the concept preferred name (not synonym) is what will be display on all other screens (dashboard, main allergy screen, edit screen). - see example of main page and edit page attached if user search "cardi" and selected "Diltiazem (Cardizem)" - where diltiazem is the concept name and cardizem is the synonym that matched the searched term. Example of dashboard is not attached - but should show the allergy with the preferred name as well.

      Tech Task:


      What steps will we need to do to ensure the drug mappings are happening in the background?

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