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Edit allergy information for a patient



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      Allergies Sprint 2, Allergies Sprint 3
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      As a doctor/caregiver
      I want to easily edit one of the patient's saved allergy
      So that I can keep a patient's list of allergies up-to-date without having to waste time deleting and recapture information again

      We only display the latest allergy information to the user.
      However, every edits and past versions along with user who created and time/date created needed to be saved in the background so there is an audit trail

      Acceptance Criteria:
      -Each allergy listed on the main patient allergy screen has an edit button next to them (see mockup)
      -Can only edit one allergy at a time
      -Once edit button is clicked, the edit allergy screen appears (see mockup)
      -Edit screen is titled Edit: <allergen> and look like the add allergy screen
      -Edit screen will be pre-populated with current saved allergy information
           -Note that allergen and category can not be edited or clicked (hence the grey out section on the mockup) but reactions, severity and comments are editable.

      • Note in the mockup there are UI changes to the add allergy screen. Those UI changes should also be reflected in the Edit allergy screen. (See RA-386 for more details)
        -Saved button will update the allergen information with what's on the screen and close the edit screen and bring user back to main allergy screen
             -Disable save button when no reactions are selected.
             -User can unselect severity or delete a comment and save.
             -Do no allow user to save if they have entered a comment too long to store in db. See RA-386 - should behave the same way on add allergy screen.

      -Main allergy screen should show newly updated allergy information with the new updated time/date
           -Current allergies database should also update with newly updated information and displayed on UI; however, the old information should also be save so can be audit (but not displayed on UI)
      -Cancel button will disregard any edits, not save and update anything, close the edit window and bring user back to main allergy screen

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