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Implementation-defined patient reports should be available through the RA user interface



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      It should be possible to run patient specific reports directly from the patient dashboard in the reference application. For example, in the old UI BIRT reports could be run for that patient directly from the patient dashboard. Imagine a doctor needed to print a health/death certificate for that patient, or a registration clerk needed to print a label. Ideally this should work with all current reporting technologies; Reporting Framework; BIRT and Jasper.

      There should be an administration screen to specify...
      1.) Which report to put on the dashboard.
      2.) If there are multiple areas for patient reports, where the report should be displayed.
      3.) If there are multiple report output options, how the report should be rendered; PDF, Excel, Preview window, etc.
      4.) An (optional) privilege which the user must have to run the report.
      5.) An (optional) filter to display the report link; "gender=female" or "age <= 5"
      6.) An (optional) icon for the report.

      I would be happy to be the Reference Implementation for this functionality.

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