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UI changes (dashboard and main allergies page)


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      Allergies Sprint 3


      Showcase/testing of allergies was done on http://devtest01.openmrs.org/openmrs/allergyui/allergy.page?patientId=17& on the 03-Sept-14 design cal. Below is a list of feedback and recommendations:

      H4. Changes for dashboard:

      • Have an "Edit" (or pencil icon) link at the top right of the Allergies section. This icon should be much lighter than the rest of the heading text. See attached screenshot.
      • Clicking this will take user to the main allergies page for that user. (take out the link from the allergies heading and make it not clickable)
      • Have similar icon link on top right of the Visits section. Get rid of the "show more info" link in the visits section. (the new icon will take the user to the same place the "show more info" link does currently.)
      • In the allergies section the allergies need to be displayed in a similar format to that of the other sections of the dashboard.
        Allergen will be shown in larger, darker text. Reaction, if any, will follow in smaller lighter text. (Severity is not shown)
        See attached "text format example.jpg" for guidance. Only display allergen and reactions (if any) for the dashboard
        Allergies should be displayed as: "Allergen" "Reaction1, Reaction2..."

      H4. Changes for main allergies page

      • Placement of "No Known Allergy" button on the main allergies screen when allergy status is Unknown is out of line. See attachment "placement wrong.jpg"
      • Can we bold "Unknown" and "No Known Allergy" statuses on the main allergy screen to make it stand out more?
      • Make the "deactivate" button fro No known allergy into the red x icon (see attached "deactivate NKA.jpg")

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