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Changes made for Add/Edit Allergy screen



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      Allergies Sprint 3


      Showcase/testing of allergies was done on http://devtest01.openmrs.org/openmrs/allergyui/allergy.page?patientId=17& on the 03-Sept-14 design cal. Below is a list of feedback and recommendations:

      Add/Save Allergies page

      • UI change - section lines are no longer there. Categories are buttons (not radio button) and placed in the allergens section. Also the reactions placement is changed to be inline with the allergens section. See mockup for example!

      SEE mockup for default view of add allergy screen (NEWadd.jpg).

      • The new category buttons will show the user the list of allergens under each category and allow user to toggle btw all three list of allergens
      • If a user selected an allergy and then change category, the previous selected allergen should be unselected
      • If a user select an initial allergen when previously no allergen was selected (ie allergen selected from a previous null value/selection), any other selections (ie, reactions, severity, and/or comments) will not clear
      • If a user selects a different allergen from a previously selected allergen, any other selected fields (ie reactions, severity, comments) should clear
      • Users can select only one allergen at a time (ie if they select a second allergen after selecting one before, the first allergen will unselect automatically)
      • Save button should always be disabled unless an allergen is selected
      • User should be able to unselect a severity radio button without selecting another severity
      • There are only 3 severity choices : Mild, Moderate, Severe
      • Comment box should be a textarea - make much larger than is today (see attached jpg)
      • Give indication to user when character limit for comment is reached - either do not allow user to type anymore or display error message telling user their comment is too long and the text limit is "x" characters when they try to save with a comment that is over the character length limit.


      This also affects the edit allergy screen. Please change that screen to reflect the UI changes for comment and severity on the edit screen as well.

      Delete the "Category: Drug" heading from the edit allergy screen. Only show allergen, reactions, severity and comment. These should looks as it does currently - but without the Category.and with the allergen name larger than the other text and more emphasized. See attached mockup (newEdit.jpg)!

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