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Make sure similar name searching during registration works out of the box



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      This functionality has been implemented, and works in some implementations, but it does not work correctly out of the box in the reference application. E.g. on devtest01.openmrs.org there is a patient "Darius Jazayeri" but if I try to create a patient with a similar name ("Dariusz Jazayeri", "Darius Jazayeree") then it does not suggest any similar match.

      The point of this ticket is to ensure that things work correctly out of the box in the reference application (including in devtest01).

      One possible approach is to make sure the name phonetics module is configured correctly.

      The simplest approach is to switch the reference application to use the Basic search algorithm (and remove namephonetics from the distribution, making it an optional add-on).

      Previous Description

      As a health clinic registration clerk, I would like to see any similar patients to the patient I am trying to register after entering in the patient name.

      Currently the reference application registration module prompts the user patients with the same name as the name the user types in. Even though the text states that these are "similar patients", it seems to only prompt the user with exact matches. The system should present a choice of patients with similar names in addition to exact names. For example, if there is an existing patient named "Allison Smith", if I try to register "Allison Smithy", the system should prompt me with "Allison Smith" as a similar patient.

      The user should be able to choose one of the similar patients to view instead of registering a new patient. This should happen after the name is typed in.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • After the user types in the name, the system should prompt the user with similar or exact patient names. (currently working for exact matches)
      • If the user chooses one of the similar or exact patients, the user will exit the registration workflow. (see question below)


      • What is the algorithm used for “similar” matches in the Mirebalais system?
      • Currently in the reference application, if an exact match is chosen, the user exits the registration workflow and is brought to the patient’s dashboard. Should they instead be brought to the confirm page? This is what happens in the Mirebalais application. The reason is that registration is usually done by a staff member who will then register another patient.

      Note that this may already be available with the correct configuration.

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