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Create unidentified patient using keyboard



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      Currently, the "Unidentified Patient" checkbox is located below the name fields and is not a tab stop, so there is no way to indicate an unidentified patient without using the mouse.

      Current UI Proposed UI

      Moving the "Unidentified Patient" checkbox above the name fields, making it a tab stop, and keeping the initial focus on the Given name field, would fix this problem by allowing the user to shift+tab and press the spacebar to check the box. Also, someone returning to the screen (e.g., from the gender screen) for an unidentified patient, would be able to press the spacebar to uncheck the box and proceed to enter the patient's name, all via the keyboard.

      Acceptance Criteria
      1. "Unidentified Patient" checkbox moved before name fields (suggest floating right as in proposed mockup).
      2. "Unidentified Patient" checkbox is a tab stop.
      3. "Given" name field remains the initial tab stop. When first entering the form, the user should start in this field.
      4. User can shift+tab from empty (or filled) "Given" name field to "Unidentified Patient" field.
      5. When focus is on "Unidentified Patient" field, pressing spacebar changes its state.
        • Presumably, we will maintain the behavior that selecting the checkbox instantly jumps to gender, so a user entering a new registration form should be able to press shift+tab spacebar and be in the "Gender" field for an unidentified patient.
        • When in the "Gender" field for an unidentified patient, the user should be able to press shift+tab spacebar to return to the "Unidentified Patient" field and deselect it, finding themselves in the "Given" name field.

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