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Retrospective data entry



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    • Retrospective data entry


      We currently have implemented the ability to do real-time entry, which assumes (1) current user is the provider, (2) happening now, (3) at the current session location. Additionally, we want to allow retrospective entry of these same forms, in a common and consistent way.

      Some use cases:

      • Delayed entry of encounter forms from a previous visit
      • A doctor sees patients during the day, and writes notes for them that night
      • Patient has an active visit, but they bring in immunization/lab data from a previous visit, so you want to enter it with a past date

      Next steps:

      • Explicitly write out more end-user scenarios (e.g. "doctor is writing all their visit notes from yesterday's encounters")
      • Explicitly list more specific stories in this epic

      Comments from design calls:

      • Jonathan Teich: typically people will put who-when-where questions a the top or bottom of the process. But we should preserve the main data entry piece to be the same in either real-time or retrospective mode. "It's not a complicated UI thing, but it's important to have a convention for it."
      • Burke: the common case for OpenMRS is delayed transcription of encounter forms filled out in the field. (As opposed to "patient brought immunization/lab data from an old visit at another clinic", so I'm entering it today, but for a previous date.)

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