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Enable running OpenMRS 2.x on H2 database



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    • OpenMRS 2.2, Reference Application 2.10.0
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      To speed up OpenMRS setup and development it would be ideal to be able to run OpenMRS 2.x on the H2 database.

      It is currently not possible due to the usage of sqldiff.xml in many modules, which should be replaced with liquibase.xml. Liquibase is db agnostic, thus can be run on any database.

      An example of a module, which has been recently fixed to use liquibase.xml is Html Form Entry. See https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/HTML-518

      The same fix needs to be applied to any module that fails to start on OpenMRS 2.x when choosing the h2 database in the initial setup.

      It can be tested by using mvn openmrs-sdk:setup and providing h2 database details same as for openmrs-sdk:setup-platform. After starting up the server with mvn openmrs-sdk:run, please login and go to administration -> advanced administration -> manage modules and inspect which modules fail to start. Then create issues for each such module similarly to HTML-518 and link them in this issue.

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