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Retired User and Provider Accounts are counted in list of accounts, and List of Accounts Shows Retired Users



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    • Reference Application 2.3, Reference Application 2.10.0
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      Retired User and Provider Accounts are counted in list of accounts, and List of Accounts Shows Retired Users.

      Go to the list of users in the new UI, under Manage Accounts. If a user is retired the number in the column beside their name still reflects an active account. Likewise, if a provider account is retired, the number in that column reflects an active provider account.

      Also, when you look at the list of users, if a user has no user or provider accounts, they still appear in the list. If they don't have any accounts, they should be hidden, with the option to show retired accounts. When showing retired accounts, they should be labeled/marked as such. A strike-through was used in the legacy UI.

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. If a person has no active (unretired) user or provider accounts their name should not appear under Manage Accounts.
      2. Retired user and provider accounts should not be counted in the list under Manage Accounts.
      3. There should be a button/link to "Show Retired" (or whatever the new terminology is per TRUNK-2299)
      4. When the "Show Retired" button is clicked, it should display the persons including those with retired accounts.
      5. Similar to a * that is used to indicate provider accounts that aren't linked to person accounts, users with no active accounts could be labeled with another symbol and mentioned likewise below what it means. Or they could be in grey rather than black text. Whatever is easier.
      6. When "Show Retired" has been clicked, the text should change to "Hide Retired" or something similar. When clicked it should return to the standard view, not showing retired persons/accounts.

      Extra Credit

      1. In the list of accounts, when "Show Retired" is clicked, indicate the number of active and retired accounts, labeled with a symbol or in grey text.

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