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Change Password Improvements



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    • Fix Version/s: OpenMRS 1.7.0
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      There are a couple of issues we have found with the current "change password" process.

      • Force Password Change does not always work correctly. When an administrator changes a user's password and clicks the "Force Password Change" box, upon next login the user is presented with the "Change Login Info" section from the "My Profile" page. However, the main site header and footer are still presented as well and the links are available to click. Most of these links force the user to remain in the "change password" page, but not all. In particular, the Home Page, and any Module-added links to the Header do not seem to force this redirect, but also do not work correctly when accessed. This is causing much confusion for our users. To further complicate matters, if the user has recently been on the system, when they login it will try to take them back to the page they were most recently viewing. This complicates this process since not all pages are respecting the auto-redirect.
      • The user should not have to type in their old password in order to reset it. They are already authenticated. This is particularly true when they are forced to change at first login, since entering the "old password" was literally the last thing they did.

      Proposed Change for trunk, 1.5.x, and 1.4.x:

      Create a new "change password" page, which appears if "Force Password Change" is set to true. It should have no links, and should be forced to appear via ServletFilter or a similar mechanism until the user successfully passes through it. When the user submits, it should always take them to the Home Page. The password change page should ask the following:

      New Password: ++++++__
           Confirm New Password: ++++++__
                Secret Question: ++++++__
                  Secret Answer: ++++++__
          Confirm Secret Answer: ++++++__

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