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Cannot log into OpenMRS 1.9.0 after new install



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      When I do a new install of OpenMRS 1.9 (as opposed to updating an existing version of Openmrs) I get an authentication failure when I attempt to log in with the new admin password I have specified.

      (This has only happened when I create a custom db name, instead of using the standard "openmrs" database, but I think this might be a coincidental issue)

      Looking through the logs, I notice numerous authentication failures of the AstractReportTask, leading to an "Invalid number of connection attempts. Please try again later." message

      What I think is happening is that when a new database is created, the scheduler username and password are set to "admin" and "test" by default, but then the admin password is changed during install, and the scheduler password is not updated accordingly. Then the Reporting module (which is now bundled with core) is started and schedules some task that either a) runs frequently, or b) is set to continually attempt to run if it runs and fails. This task attempts to log in with the "test" password. It attempts to log in again and again with the wrong password, until eventually the "admin" user account gets locked due to too many failed login attempts. Then, since the admin account is the only account that exists, it is impossible to log into the system.

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