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Upgrading to 1.9 requires new privileges for visits which are not added by default


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      Platform 2.0 Alpha Sprint, Platform 2.0 Alpha Sprint 3, Platform 2.0 Beta Sprint 1


      When upgrading for 1.6 to 1.9, we found that new privileges were added in 1.9 like "View Encounter Provider" and "View Visits". However, none of our existing users (obviously) have these privileges. The net result is that for most end users, much of the system fails to work (creating encounters, etc) until you give the users these new privileges.

      We should probably have better default behavior than this for upgrades. For example, any role that previously had "View Encounter" privileges should automatically be given "View Encounter Provider" and "View Visits" privilege. Same for any other new privileges added - we should make the system do the most reasonable expected thing upon upgrading. Otherwise, we are going to see a lot of systems failing for implementations upon upgrading unnecessarily...


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