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Use SOLR to allow clinicians to easily and efficiently search the patient's chart



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      As a proof-of-concept for embedded SOLR, we should create a chart search tool that allows providers to easily and efficiently search the patient's chart (all available data on a selected patient). For example, imagine a SOLR module that uses SOLR to index all available data on a patient and then a Chart Search module that leverages the SOLR module to present a user interface that is easy for clinicians to navigate and displays search results wickedly fast (thanks to SOLR). At Regenstrief (see attached screenshot), we devised a way for search results to be filtered by category & dates and rendered results in a list with a detail pane to the right that would tell the provider everything she needed to know about that particular item (e.g., graphs numeric results over time, display contents of reports, etc.).

      The SOLR module would be separate so that it could focus solely on providing amazingly fast access to data for other modules. It would begin (for this proof-of-concept) indexing only by patient, but could be expanded to support other domain objects over time. Ideally, SOLR and any OpenMRS customizations to it would be embedded (so anybody could use it by simply installing an OpenMRS module), but could be configured to run externally (i.e., the SOLR module could be pointed to an external SOLR server) for implementations capable of managing an external SOLR server (to support unlimited scale up).

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