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Schema design "Find Form Elements" box should be always be visible




      As documented in Trunk-3865, a bug was fixed in the schema design process that repositions the screen down to the Edit Form Field pop-up box. This greatly reduces the amount of scrolling form managers must do when creating long forms.

      Now that the screen automatically repositions to the lower part of the page, the form manager must scroll back to the top of the page to search the "Find Field Elements" box in order to add the next field.

      Here is the workflow in schema design:
      1. Highlight the form field which you want to add a form field after that.
      2. Search the form field in Find Field Elements, and click "Add New Field"
      (The screen now relocates to the bottom of the page so that the Edit Form Field box is visible).
      3. It prompts the Edit FormField box to enter other metatdata such as field number, part, ..., etc.
      4. Click on save button.
      5. Scroll to the top of the page.
      6. Search for the next form field in Find Field Elements

      We would like to eliminate step 5 by making the Find Field Elements always visible, no matter where you scroll.

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