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Automatically pull translations into modules as part of their release process



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      All (or most!) of the Reference Application modules are automatically released by our CI server. See this wiki page

      Also, we are trying to use Transifex to let the community translate the Reference Application.

      Our module release process should automatically verify that the latest translations are pulled into the module before doing the release.

      Possible Approaches

      There are multiple ways we could approach this. A couple that I have thought of are:

      • Have CI automatically pull in the latest transifex translations to all modules as a scheduled task (e.g. daily), and commit to github itself
        • Pro: automatic, gets translations deployed to our refapp QA servers quickly
        • Con: module owners will regularly release these modules without manually checking the translations at all
      • Add a step step early in the CI release pipeline for each module to check whether there are any uncommitted translations in transifex, and fail if there are
        • (This might be as easy as simply running the "tx pull" command, and then letting the maven release plugin naturally fail if this causes there to be modified files.)
        • Pro: No translations are ever released without some human intervention by the module author
        • Con: Translations are slower to get into QA environments

      Dev Notes

      • As the first step in doing this ticket, you should propose one of the possible approaches above (or else your own different approach) on the Developers category of OpenMRS Talk. Once you have buy-in for that approach, you may proceed.
      • Whichever approach you choose will likely require updating the documentation on the Releasing a Module from Bamboo wiki page.
      • You will need to request credentials to the OpenMRS CI server from help.openmrs.org.

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