Release Notes - Reporting Module - Version Reporting 0.9.0 - HTML format


  • [REPORT-426] - Change OpenMRS dependency requirement to 1.7 or higher
  • [REPORT-631] - Checking for batch size slows down report generation
  • [REPORT-658] - The run report page no longer runs asynchronously following Daemon changes

New Feature

  • [REPORT-418] - Add location for Program Enrollment query
  • [REPORT-462] - Deprecate explicit logic dependencies in the reporting module
  • [REPORT-474] - Speed up queries with large base cohorts
  • [REPORT-508] - Use Daemon to authenticate task instead of scheduler.username and scheduler.password
  • [REPORT-640] - Reporting should support the latest changes in 1.10
  • [REPORT-643] - Only persist report data to file if there is no rendered output associated with the report
  • [REPORT-644] - Improve performance of serialization to disk

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