Release Notes - Reporting Module - Version Reporting 0.9.1 - HTML format


  • [REPORT-653] - Enable additional logging within the HqlQueryBuilder and SqlQueryBuilder
  • [REPORT-662] - Age.getFullMonths and Age.getFullMonthsSinceLastBirthday return incorrect values
  • [REPORT-671] - Previewing an Ad Hoc Dataset with no row filters should return all rows, not none
  • [REPORT-673] - Evaluating definitions fails if users do not have "SQL Level Access" privileges
  • [REPORT-674] - Deadlocks as a result of the speedup by joining on idset table
  • [REPORT-675] - Provide option to disable use of the reporting_idset table via a global property
  • [REPORT-678] - EvaluationLogger is not recording correct timing

New Feature

  • [REPORT-143] - Add option to exclude Test/Fake Patients from running queries/reports
  • [REPORT-473] - Consolidate all Hibernate queries in a common utility method and enable logging
  • [REPORT-583] - EncounterDatetimeDataEvaluator and EncounterTypeDataEvaluator should be refactored
  • [REPORT-646] - Potentially stop caching reports in memory that have rendered output
  • [REPORT-661] - Add VisitQueryService
  • [REPORT-663] - Add ability to filter BasicEncounterQuery by forms and by a certain number of encounters per patient
  • [REPORT-665] - Add VisitEvaluationContext and PatientToVisitDataDefintion
  • [REPORT-666] - Add "simplify" utility method from MirebalaisReprots to Reporting module
  • [REPORT-667] - Expand VisitDataSetDefinition to support Patient and Encounter data definitions
  • [REPORT-668] - Add BuiltInVisitDataLibrary with VisitId definition
  • [REPORT-669] - Add VisitDataSetEvaluator
  • [REPORT-672] - Add mechanism for module authors to manage report creation in code
  • [REPORT-676] - Change SqlEncounterDataEvaluator so that it saves encounters ids in context in EncounterIdSet
  • [REPORT-677] - ObjectFormatter slows down reports significantly


  • [REPORT-670] - Ad Hoc Dataset resource should support OpenmrsObject parameter types


  • [REPORT-659] - Move basic boilerplate Visit classes into Reporting module
  • [REPORT-660] - Add new VisitIdSet and VisitQueryResult
  • [REPORT-664] - Remove old EncounterQueryService/Dao in favor of EncounterQuery implementations

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