Release Notes - Reporting Module - Version Reporting 0.9.2 - HTML format


  • [REPORT-683] - Error when clicking to save a report
  • [REPORT-684] - Add ability to filter by location in PatientStateCohortDefinition
  • [REPORT-694] - Add conditional cohort definition and encounter query
  • [REPORT-695] - DiskReportProcessor does not properly handle filenames with "." in their names
  • [REPORT-696] - DiskReportProcesser: when creating ZipEntry name, should not use ReportData
  • [REPORT-697] - DiskReportProcessoer does not properly create directory for reports

New Feature

  • [REPORT-108] - Implement FormDataExport as DataSet
  • [REPORT-348] - Allow incremental cell values in repeating sections of excel template
  • [REPORT-649] - Allow customization of output filename
  • [REPORT-686] - Add new indicator type that simply returns the count of ids returned from a query
  • [REPORT-687] - Create new Encounter Query that can return encounter that contain particular Obs
  • [REPORT-688] - New CohortDefinition that can check for patients present or absent in other Cohort Definitions
  • [REPORT-689] - Cohort Definition that can return patients who have certain observations in certain encounters
  • [REPORT-691] - Support filtering InProgram and InState Cohort Definitions by location
  • [REPORT-692] - InProgram and InState Cohort Definitions should default to current date
  • [REPORT-693] - Add new Cohort Definition that evaluates a particular cohort definition based on whether a parameter is available


  • [REPORT-351] - Document privileges for reporting module
  • [REPORT-685] - Expand CompositionCohortDefinitions to other types of Queries

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