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  • [REPORT-543] - Cloning a Composition Query (...using “Save as new” button on compositionCohortDefinition.jsp) throws an exception saying :Column 'uuid' cannot be null.
  • [REPORT-633] - SqlPatientDataEvaluator and SqlEncounterDataEvaluator are inconsistent with other sql evaluators
  • [REPORT-641] - SqlDataSetDefinitions do not properly handle List parameters
  • [REPORT-648] - NULL parameter error with SQL Dataset
  • [REPORT-702] - SqlDataSetDefinition behaves wrong if you have two columns with the same name
  • [REPORT-704] - Bug in HqlQueryBuilder for non-trivial select clauses
  • [REPORT-708] - Dimension options (cohorts) are not sorted
  • [REPORT-711] - Single quote (') in an Indicator # field in Cohort Indicator with Dimensions Dataset causes buttons/links to not work

New Feature

  • [REPORT-380] - Create a SQL-based API to be used by SQLXXX definitions
  • [REPORT-656] - Deprecate and remove need for DataSetQueryService
  • [REPORT-681] - Change implementation of DefinitionEvaluators to use HqlQueryBuilder, SqlQueryBuilder and EvaluationService
  • [REPORT-698] - Refactor SqlIndicatorEvaluator to use SqlQueryBuilder
  • [REPORT-699] - Upgrade Sql Query Evaluators to use SqlQueryBuilder
  • [REPORT-700] - Migrate / refactor SqlCohortDefinitionEvaluator to use SqlQueryBuilder
  • [REPORT-701] - DataConverter that blanks out data if you don't have an appropriate privilege
  • [REPORT-710] - Indicator Definitions are not sorted
  • [REPORT-718] - Add Spanish language translations
  • [REPORT-720] - Query to get active visits

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