[TRUNK-4411] Provider identifiers should not be required to be unique Created: 2014-06-24  Updated: 2015-09-22  Resolved: 2014-07-31

Status: Closed
Project: OpenMRS Core
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: None
Fix Version/s: Platform 1.11.0, Platform 2.0.0

Type: New Feature Priority: Should
Reporter: Darius Jazayeri Assignee: Priya Samuel
Resolution: Fixed Votes: 0
Labels: 1.11-release-processed, 1.11-release-test-sprint1, 1.11-release-tested-pass, curated, intro
Remaining Estimate: 6 hours
Time Spent: 2 hours
Original Estimate: 1 day

Complexity: Low


With the introduction of Providers in 1.9, we ensured that Provider.identifier is unique. However this constraint is a mistake, especially since we have recently clarified that standard practice will be for a single human person to potentially have >1 Provider record if they work in multiple contexts, or with multiple roles, etc.

Burke says:
"At AMPATH, we would want the provider identifier to match the user system ID when creating a provider for someone who has or is getting a user account.
Provider identifiers should not be required to be unique. I suppose we could create some mechanism to allow them to be optionally unique (i.e., via configuration), but doing so could easily cause problems using provider data from external sources."

Mark says:
"we need to relax the restriction on provider identifiers being unique"

Comment by Daniel Kayiwa [ 2014-07-08 ]

Remove this requirement from ProviderValidator.java

Comment by Priya Samuel [ 2014-07-11 ]


Comment by Daniel Kayiwa [ 2014-07-14 ]

Priya Samuel i have just added a few comments on guthub.

Comment by Priya Samuel [ 2014-07-14 ]

Daniel Kayiwa Thanks. I made a new commit renaming the tests and the @should annotations. It should be more consistent now. Should be visible now on the same pull request.

However, the test themselves are the same. I did rearrange them to be in the order of the @should statements as well.

Comment by Daniel Kayiwa [ 2014-07-14 ]

Priya Samuel i have another question for you on github.

Comment by Daniel Kayiwa [ 2014-07-15 ]

Merged at: https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-core/commit/41da0f6467a6c9a03f1cfc35b9269c0a24136171

Thanks Priya Samuel

Just one more on github about the retired comment.

Comment by Priya Samuel [ 2014-07-15 ]

Daniel Kayiwa Thanks for reviewing my commits. Left you a comment on github.

Comment by Daniel Kayiwa [ 2014-07-15 ]

Just seen the comment. Thanks.

Comment by Rafal Korytkowski [ 2014-07-22 ]

Merged with 1.11.x (as part of master merge: https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-core/commit/d6d061c3e4f0d2555406ce84b2de818aa068c2bc)

Comment by Lee Breisacher [ 2014-07-30 ]

I was able to add two providers with the same id (here: http://uat01.openmrs.org:8080/openmrs), so this does appear to be fixed.

Comment by Kaweesi Joseph [ 2014-07-31 ]

thanks Lee Breisacher for the good work, by the way i responded to your question, we are testing all tickets besides their status indicating closed or something else as long as they are included in our tickets list

Comment by Daniel Kayiwa [ 2014-07-31 ]

Thank you so much Lee Breisacher

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